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2019 Newsletters

February 2019 Tomatalk – Annual Banquet

January 2019 Tomatalk – Paul Bergstrom’s 1969 Judge Convertible

2018 Newsletters

December 2018 Tomatalk – David Rogalla’s ’58 Star Chief

November 2018 Tomatalk

October 2018 Tomatalk

September 2018 Tomatalk

August 2018 Tomatalk

July 2018 Tomatalk

June 2018 Tomatalk

May 2018 Tomatalk: Route 65 Car Show

April 2018 Tomatalk

March 2018: Danny Brendal’s 1951 Pontiac

February 2018: Special Duty ’58 Pontiac; Annual Banquet

January 2018: Motorama Memories

2017 Newsletters

December 2017: Pontiacs From Days Gone By (James Bergstrom)

November 2017 Tomatalk: Terry & Karen Ford’s ’86 1/2 GP 2+2

October 2017 Tomatalk: Pontiac Adventures

September 2017 Tomatalk: POCI 2017 Convention Gary & Cheryl Madsen

August 2017 Tomatalk: Pontiac Happening VII, POCI 2017 Convention

July 2017 Tomatalk: GM Car Show Recap; In Sympathy Ed Hustad and Brian Longley

June 2017 Tomatalk: Veit Museum Tour

May 2017 Tomatalk: Unique Specialty & Classics Car Show

April 2017 Tomatalk: World of Wheels Mpls

March 2017 Tomatalk

February 2017 Tomatalk: Annual Banquet @ Guldens

January 2017 Tomatalk: 1988 Zimmer Quicksilver; 1958 Chieftain

2016 Newsletters

December 2016 Tomatalk: Menger’s 1939 Pontiac

November 2016 Tomatalk: 2016 POCI Conv (Road Warriors), 2016 Pontiac Adventures, 1969 GTO Judges

October 2016 Tomatalk: 2016 POCI Convention coverage (cont.); Valley Buick/GMC Show

September 2016: 2016 POCI Convention Coverage (cont.)

August 2016: 2016 POCI Convention; Pontiac Happening IV

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016 Unique Classics Car Show

April 2016

March 2016

February 2016 Annual Banquet

January 2016 Remembering Art Fitzpatrick, Terry Ford: The Long Ride Home

2015 Newsletters

December 2015 Tomatalk Christmas Gift Ideas

November 2015 Tomatalk “The Tale of Two Trans Sports”; Winter Storage Tips

October 2015 Tomatalk Dick Johnson’s ’69 Firebird, Valley Car Show, Pontiac Adventures

September 2015 Tomatalk 2015 POCI Convention

August 2015 Tomatalk Pontiac Happening V; Street Machine Nationals

July 2015 Tomatalk Thomsen’s ’79 T/A, Winkleman’s Firebirds & T/As

June 2015 Tomatalk Jerry Benson’s ’66 Catalina

May 2015 Tomatalk: Route 65 Car Show

April 2015 Tomatalk: Summer Car Show Listing

March 2015 Tomatalk: Arizona Jewels (Pontiacs at Barrett-Jackson Auction)

February 2015 Tomatalk: Peterson’s ’72 Lemans GT; Annual Banquet @ Jimmy’s

January 2015 Tomatalk – Plexiglass Pontiac

2014 Newsletters

December 2014 Tomatalk ’65 GTO Returns

November 2014 Tomatalk: Charles Ruckheim 1958 Pontiac Chieftain

October 2014 Tomatalk: Valley Buick/GMC Car Show; Jim Notch “Most Outstanding Member” Award

September 2014 Tomatalk: Pikes Peak Pontiac Pace Cars, 2014 POCI Convention

August 2014 Tomatalk Pontiac Happening IV, Car Craft

July 2014 Tomatalk (GMCCA Car Show, Remembering Jim Felker)

June 2014 Tomatalk (Frank Lloyd Wright Service Station)

May 2014 Tomatalk Route 65 Classics Car Show

April 2014 Tomatalk (Griep Garage, See Through Tires)

March 2014 Tomatalk

February 2014 Tomatalk (Remembering Hal Needham; Ad/Brochure Resource)

January 2014 Tomatalk (Man Caves, Sawruk’s Stash: Pontiacs for Pope’s Visit)

2013 Newsletters

DECEMBER 2013 Tomatalk (1957 Car Craft-Pontiac Customs)

NOVEMBER 2013 Tomatalk (Ames Nationals. Pontiac Banshee, Wichita Indian Uprising)

OCTOBER 2013 Tomatalk (12th Annual Valley Show; 2nd Annual Dave Bennett Memorial Cruise)

SEPTEMBER 2013 Tomatalk (Terry Ford 2+2 Norwalk; Jack Schweitzer-parade)

AUGUST 2013 Tomatalk (Car Craft; 2013 POCI/GTOAA Co-Vention)

JULY 2013 Tomatalk (Pontiac Happening III & All GM Show)

JUNE 2013 Tomatalk Newsletter (Coffee & Donuts in the Parking Lot)

MAY 2013 Tomatalk Newsletter (1st Annual Tomahawk Chapter Spring Car Show)

April 2013 Tomatalk Newsletter (The Home Front Chief)

MARCH 2013 Tomatalk Newsletter (Todd Lewis’ 1978 Trans Am)

FEBRUARY 2013 Tomatalk Newsletter (Annual Banquet)

JANUARY 2013 Tomatalk Newsletter (I Love the Lucy Mobile; Herrera Wedding)

2012 Newsletters

DECEMBER 2012 Tomatalk Newsletter (In Honor of Her Honor)

NOVEMBER 2012 Tomatalk Newsletter (Terry Ford’s 1965 2+2; Wyatt’s Super Service)

OCTOBER 2012 Tomatalk Newsletter (Valley Show)

SEPTEMBER 2012 Tomatalk Newsletter

AUGUST 2012 Tomatalk Newsletter (2012 POCI Convention; Tom Vankempen Car Craft Show Award)

JULY Tomatalk Newsletter (Dave Bennett Memorial Cruise; Back to the 50s Pontiacs)

JUNE Tomatalk Newsletter  (Pontiac Happening)

MAY Tomatalk Newsletter  (Jim & Carrie Notch Wedding)

APRIL Tomatalk Newsletter

MARCH Tomatalk Newsletter

FEBRUARY Tomatalk Newsletter

JANUARY Tomatalk Newsletter (Dave Bennett Memorial)

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